What Did I Get for Christmas? COVID-19!

Bleugh, bleugh, and thrice bleugh

Matt Mason


Though we always thought we’d get it at some point, we thought we’d escaped catching COVID in 2020, 2021, and 2022. But it wasn’t to be. In early December 2022, my partner and I went away for our anniversary mini break in Devon. About four days after we got back, she went to the salon to get her hair dyed.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

It was one of these events that would eventually lead to us both getting COVID. As she succumbed first (to both symptoms and a positive test) we’re going to assume it was at the salon.

That meant our remaining Christmas plans went out of the window — plans which included a concert in Truro cathedral, and a festive night garden walk at the Lost Gardens of Heligan. And so, from the 14th (when I succumbed) through to Boxing Day (by which time we were both clear) we stayed in as a civic duty.

Pleased to meet you…. have a fever and some brain fog

The first couple of days came with all the symptoms we’ve all been repeatedly warned about — fever, lethargy, weakness, aching all over the body, and that cough.

I also lost my tastebuds for most things for a few days — something I covered in a previous article.

Some people I’ve spoken to said they had weird dreams. I had those, my partner did not.

I woke up one morning during that early phase sure my partner was supposed to be in the bed with me, but I could remember nothing about our relationship — including her name.

Those symptoms passed within a few days, but it left a few more.

Once the nastiest symptoms were out of the way, it left the symptoms I really hoped I’d never get — breathlessness (just walking up and down the stairs to check the post each day made my breathing laboured), the general fatigue, and the cough.

Since then…



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