TikTokker Ridiculed for Saying What We’re All Thinking About Work

And the responses were predictable

Matt Mason
3 min readNov 2, 2023


Photo by Andrey Kremkov on Unsplash

It’s been all over social media this week. A young American woman who has just left university and working her first ever 9–5 went on TikTok to talk about her experiences of stress, exhaustion and lack of time. She points out several reasonable things:

  • She is working in a city she can’t afford to live in and so must commute every day
  • She leaves home around 7am to catch a train at 7:30am (she starts at 9am)
  • The earliest she could possibly make it home is 6:15. That’s assuming she actually leaves at 5 when she’s supposed to leave work — which I doubt happens all that often
  • She has little time or energy to do much else when she gets home
  • She is miserable at this time of year because it’s dark when she wakes up, and dark when she gets home
  • She wonders how she will ever have time for dating, seeing her friends, and other time to relax
  • She doesn’t have the energy to go to the gym or cook proper meals when she gets home

She points out that she doesn’t hate her job. She doesn’t hate working… but that’s the extent of the comments she’s getting from people my age and older. Nothing of…



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