The Emotional Abuse Survivor Behaviours That Never Really Go Away

I’ve been divorced ten years this month: I’m ready to talk

Matt Mason
4 min readMay 18, 2023


After another bout of therapy, 2022 was the year I finally admitted to myself that I was in an abusive relationship. Previously I’d described her behaviour as manipulative, controlling, and “borderline abusive.” But I didn’t go far enough.

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Most of her issues concerned her need to be in control of everything. Here are some examples of her behaviour. This is not an exhaustive list:

  • She didn’t like it when I met up with the new friends I made at university
  • She always had an excuse not to spend Christmas with my family
  • After her dad died, she decided to travel home from university every weekend — a round trip of 400 miles. I occasionally stayed behind because I felt I needed breathing space. She would sulk or shout on those rare occasions that I stayed
  • She gave me the cold shoulder for a whole day once because I got back from the pub five minutes after her instructed time (she was invited and refused to go — see above point about university friends)
  • If I invited her to the student bar with friends, that was me forcing her to go. If I said it was up to her whether she came to the student…



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