OMG Just WHAT Has He Done Now?

The next entry in his tantrum diary

Matt Mason
2 min readDec 19, 2022


In November, he ranted about “lefty activists” trying to make his Twitter ownership fail. Advertising execs appeared in their dozens to explain why his changes made the platform unviable as an advertising space. More bots, more abuse, less safety, and fewer actual customers.

Photo by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash

They were finished, they said.

He wouldn’t have it and true to his snowflake form, he entrenched his position. Twitter lost both funding and value virtually overnight.

Then he came for small businesses

Cross posting and linking to other sites, especially other social media sites, may not seem like a big issue for most people. But for small businesses like mine, it’s everything.

We rely on such cross-posting and links to build cross-platform relationships. My main business is in writing blogs, web pages, and product descriptions for other small businesses. That’s what I’ve been doing for ten years and it is still 90% of my work.

I’m also a self-published author, quite a small part of my business, but one that relies on social media — mostly Twitter — for visibility and sales.

More recently I’ve branched out into stock photos, paid blogging on Medium, and even more recently, banners and short videos. Together this earns me no more than about £200-£300 per year and it’s something I’m still carefully building as part of an overall service for other small businesses who have neither the time nor money to learn to write, learn Photoshop, or put together simple videos.

All of these rely on social media cross-linking.

I try where possible to direct book readers to Buy Me A Coffee where they can read more of my short fiction for a small fee, writers and other creatives to my freelance website, to my link trees to see my other sites and socials, and to those who like reading personal essays to my Medium page in a hope they look like enough to pay for access to premium written stuff.

This is all cross posting and linking, with social media being a vital part of raising that visibility.

All that goes out of the window and I’ll be wasting my time on Twitter in future— the platform that until now had been the best place for it.



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