Brexiteers Like Richard Tice Think It’s Everyone Else’s Fault but Their Own

They believe in magic and blame everyone else for this shoddy Brexit which was always bound to fail

Matt Mason


For a group that harps on about “personal responsibility” a lot, the political right in the UK have always been prone to blaming everyone else. If it isn’t immigrants, it’s the EU. If it isn’t immigrants or the EU, it’s the last Labour government.

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If it isn’t the last Labour government, it’s their other sometimes targets like Polish builders, single mothers, millennials, and people with flat screen TVs. But now though, all the problems with Brexit — which were projected in 2016 and many have now come true — is apparently the fault of people who voted against it.

That’s right— those of us who ticked “remain” on our ballot paper in 2016 are responsible for the huge lorry queues in Kent, the lost economic output, wage stagnation, the return of roaming charges, long airport queues, and lost international standing.

Like it was us who claimed it would be “the easiest deal in history” and how “they need us more than we need them.”

Enter Richard Tice, one of a number of inner circle of Brexiteers — former Tory leadership contender, financial backer of Brexit’s own “Del Boy” Nigel Farage, and now funder of flag waving far right parody party Reform UK.

Always one for tweeting silly things, Tice again reiterated this week his belief that we remainers and rejoiners are responsible for sorting out the mess people like him created.

Interesting that anyone needs our help for “the easiest deal in history” where “they need us more than we need them.”

This isn’t the first such statement — The Daily Mail and the other right-wing rags said from the start that any problems were the result of people “not talking the country up.”



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