Hi, I'm Matt

Freelance writer, self-published author, creatively curious

I know it sounds cliche, but I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Lucky for me life and circumstance gave me a chance to get paid for my words.

I'm a mixed genre fiction writer and that eclectic-ness (eclecticism? eclecticity?) carries on into my non-fic too.

I write about all the subjects that are important to me like creativity, mental health (specifically mine), history (I'm an archaeology graduate), folklore & culture, childfree living, travel, society, and of course freelancing.

In 2022 I came out as demisexual and so I write about that too, and post to my first ever publication The Ace Space.

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Matt Mason

Matt Mason

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A demisexual childfree nerd who uses Medium for exploring curiosities, for venting, and for the frivolous.